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Karyne T. Ghantous is a California licensed attorney with close to 20 years of litigation and insurance defense experience successfully negotiating the resolution of, and trying cases in State and Federal court, Contra Costa County, Alameda County, San Francisco County, Santa Clara County, Sacramento County, Solano County and Monterey County.

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“Premises Liability” is the phrase used to describe the legal obligations and liabilities a property or building owner owes a tenant, guest or the general public under contractual, statutory and case law. While a lease may govern the obligations of the parties involved in a landlord tenant dispute, there are federal, state and city statutory provisions, and case law interpreting those provisions, that impose additional obligations to a property or building owner who maintain non-delegable duties outlined under the umbrella of “Premises Liability.” Consequently, identifying and understanding the applicable laws corresponding with land and building ownership is critical in protecting your business from unwanted and costly litigation.

What Are My Liabilities As A Property or Building Owner?

Building and property owners have legal duties owing to their guests and the general public duties that are not necessarily part of a lease or written document. Premises liability litigation typically involves indemnity and insurance disputes between vendors, contractors and tenants and the property owners often bear the burden of proof in demonstrating a reasonable approach upon notice of an alleged statutory violation. These property liability disputes require a reasoned approach to problem-solving, knowledge of all potential liabilities, and an aggressive defense when litigation ensues.

Why Hire Ghantous Law Corporation?

We regularly advise property owners and building owners involved in various property liability litigation which typically requires an attorney who is not only familiar with the applicable statutory law, but one who is experienced with the interplay between contractual indemnity obligations and insurance obligations arising in litigation with multiple parties. Our firm can assist your business with the drafting of important contractual provisions to maximize your legal rights in the event of a premises liability litigation, can provide counsel and advice in the interpretation of rights and legal obligations stemming from a purchase agreement or lease agreement, and successfully defend litigation claims, if necessary.

With close to 20 years of litigation experience, we can assist your business with the drafting of important lease provisions to maximize your legal rights in the event of a landlord tenant dispute or litigation. The firm can provide solid and accurate counsel in the interpretation of rights and legal obligations of any dispute as they occur. By retaining counsel before litigation commences, you can more likely ensure the successfully defense of litigation claims or the avoidance of costly litigation entirely.